Slow and Steady

Sometimes, often times, life is confusing. It’s also crystal clear if you can humble yourself enough to look deeply at your own character, beliefs, actions and words.

My journey of the last four years has taken me to some highs and some lows. It has not taken me where I expected though.

A year and a half ago, Erica and I tried to have our son transferred from his assigned school to a school that is one of the most respected schools in the county. We knew the transfer was unlikely due to the popularity of the school, and it was in fact rejected. We were disappointed, but not surprised.

That June I received an e-mail from a fellow technology teacher. She wrote to inform me of a part time technology opening at her school. And you may have already guessed, it was the school we tried to get our son into. Why does that matter? Our school system allows the children of employees to attend the same school. If I took this part time position, our son would go to the school we wanted him to attend.

WOW! After 2 1/2 years of being out of teaching, was I really being led right back into teaching? I didn’t necessarily want to go, but I did want to go. I was worried about returning to the career. Would the old frustrations reappear? Would the old issues still push me to the breaking point? Would I still be miserable daily?


Would reflecting on the break I had, and what I learned from the break be helpful for me to move on with life? Would I be able to reignite a passion I have: teaching and making a difference for kids.

I prayed and trusted the doors that God was opening (Psalm 37:5). I received wise counsel (Proverbs 15:22) from numerous people. And I committed myself to applying what I’d learned the last 2 1/2 years. I took the job.

Getting our son into our top choice of school made the decision much easier. Even if I wasn’t sure about the professional move, I was prepared to sacrifice my own contentment for my son’s education and happiness.  There was certainly more to it though. I wanted to take the opportunity of a second chance to see what I had learned; the importance of humility, of relationships and of loving and serving others.

This 2 1/2 year break I’d been on had humbled me and made me realize that most of the “problems” I have faced are due to my own actions. It’s so easy to blame others for our mistakes. However, an honest look in the mirror, as difficult as it is, will reveal many things. This realization of my own faults has opened my eyes to the need to serve others, fully. I’ve always served others, usually my friends, in small doses. But our mission on Earth is more important than serving only a few close friends. Yes a career is important. Yes I need to support my family. But most important is leading my family and teaching my boys the importance of faith and of self-sacrifice. As I have returned to education, I have been able to apply these new realizations and to build much better relationships based on me loving and serving others. How I react to situations is completely different. How talk to others is completely different.  I am a better role model for my family and my students.

I believe firmly that God has allowed me to suffer through the obstacles of my old career in order to humble me and help me realize how much love I needed to give to others. I have been humbled, and will carry that humility to bigger things by leading my family and friends to change the world. The journey continues…and my next post will explain how my departure from teaching has now come full circle.

Here is my story…


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